Research, passion, devotion

The kitchen is the pride of Baia Marinella.
Whether you want to sit inside in the elegant dining Flegrea, whether you choose to eat on the footrests Nisida and Posillipo, cradled by the waves of the sea, are the culinary offerings to give added value to an experience witch meet the sight and the palate.

The chef of the Baia Marinella offers lunch and dinner geared to a modern kitchen but that reflects the traditions of the land and where the raw materials are always fresh and of excellent quality. The research, the passion and dedication with which the menus are designed, turn every meal into a dining experience to savor and enjoy in complete relaxation.

“I hate the man who sends down his food not knowing what to eat. I doubt his taste in the most important things “
Charles Lamb, Essays of Elia, 1823